Core Competencies
The SIMLab@UniSA offers a great menu of expertise services to assist industry clients in developing solutions for a variety of business challenges. From identifying data quality issues, data and information management to building integrated business intelligence solution. We have also established robust partnerships with leading industry players and research institutions that complement and expand our own capabilities. The result is a range of seamless offerings designed to provide cost-effective, win-win solution as follow:

Data and Information Quality
As a premier industry-oriented researcher, SIMLab@UniSA provides a compelling alternative to vendor-driven data quality management methodologies. We have been collaborating closely with a number of large enterprises assessing their data quality effort.

Business Intelligence
We deploy Critical Success Factors approach, taking into account both technical and non-technical variables, as a means to leverage implementation effort towards a sustainable BI initiative.

Case studies
Through its IAP (Industry Alliance Program), SIM Lab has been providing consulting services through systematic and rigorous case study methodology that help those companies in their efforts to transform their businesses through intelligent use of mobile applications, data verification and validation methodologies/technologies, etc.