Development of Enterprise Tools for Privacy Preserving Data Mining

Data mining is the set of innovative technologies; collectively used to dig out the previously unknown liaison or knowledge from the database. This discovered knowledge is utilized in a range of areas from marketing and medical diagnosis to national security. As the enterprise arena is merging rapidly, more and more companies are sharing and exchanging their data to accumulate more accurate findings and to come up with maximum data quality. Although the cutting edge data mining technologies are giving the continuous boost to the accuracy of data outcome but its consequences or the cost of this accuracy is now touching the line; from where the boundary of privacy of data owners starts. In fact, there is no line of barrier for modern data mining tools, especially in data sharing and exchanging environment, to restrict them from accessing the private or non-relevant data. As the people are getting more and more conscious about their private data; it’s a growing fear that the progress of data mining may be halted if no proper mechanisms are developed to address the concerns of data owners. This research project aims to explore the ways to accommodate both data mining and privacy concerns; ultimately come up with an organized system to deal with both sides of the picture. The purposed system is expected to offer more confidence to data owners on data mining techniques without any significant degradation to data quality.

Contact Person: Mirza Muzammil Baig