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Industry Projects

  • SI101 - Data Quality in Asset Management: Design, develop, test and evaluate a suite of integrated software components.
  • SI104 - Asset Management Data Analysis, Verification and Enrichment System: Asset Management Data Analysis, Verification and Enrichment System
  • SI204 - Maritime Systems Division Data Management and Exploitation: Identify issues and provide recommendations for improving data quality and integrity; Examine data validation and verification (V&V) processes and provide recommendations on requirements for V&V.
  • SI205 - Integrated Information Model for Community Infrastructure and Asset Management: Develop an integrated information framework for community based asset management; Establish technology environments for the interoperable exchange and management of asset data

Doctoral Projects

  • Daniela - Information Integration
  • Veerawat - A Framework for Linking Data Quality Efforts to Organisational KPIs
  • Manirath - Accounting Information System
  • Azlianor - Information Quality Framework for Web Application Development
  • Muhammad - Information Quality Framework for Service-Oriented Architecture Initiatives
  • Lubos - Information Quality Enhanced Meta-data Management

Other Projects

Internal Activities


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